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Matt, I've spoken about this and noticed the same. But there's something more sinister to this then just fantasy and cartoons for them. Have you ever wondered why Atheist South Park used kids for something they knew would involve sexuality and adult themes? Let's not forget both creators are Atheists and gay. No offense. You should look into Atheist Nambla. It's an Atheist organization that promotes and endorses the abuse of little one's. Been in their camp. The things I could tell you would make a billy goat puke. Why do you think I left Atheism bro?

Matt Powell believes this is just a maturity and under development issue with Atheists. He has not been around as long as I have and was never part of the social media Atheist crowd as I have been. I discovered long ago that Atheists hang in Pedo groups. Look up Nambla. Atheists literally advertise their perversions and attraction to minors. Ped's are known to stockpile kid toys to lure in young people. 

Atheist Nambla ðŸ‘ˆ calls this bait. Atheists tend to suffer from antisocial disorders. They seek out the young because they can't build healthy relationships with adults. I've exposed countless Atheists who did inappropriate behaviors and interactions with young people. Check out my video on site called Atheism Crimes against humanity ðŸ‘ˆðŸ˜¨. Pure filth. 

This site has a wealth of information on Atheist Kid touchers.

According to stats most Atheists are Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and more. Atheists tend to gravitate towards Satanism. Most Satanists are Atheist. Since the bible is against this life style it's clear why they want to destroy religion and hate God. Atheists have highest suicide rate substance abuse issues in the world.

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     Matt Powell grew up in a Christian home in Durand, MI.  As a child, he struggled with his faith in God due to being continually challenged by the teenagers on the bus route to church.  Some of them didn't believe in God, but they would come to church just for the treats and the friends they made.  Matt ended up becoming agnostic at a very young age as a result.  His parents had issues with him as well.  When he was 11 years old, his parents introduced him to the Creation Science Seminar Series by Dr. Kent Hovind.  Dr. Hovind's work brought Matt to an understanding of the truth of God's Word.  One week after listening to the Creation Series, he went to a tent revival at Antrim Baptist Church in Fowlerville, MI, and heard a powerful sermon by Jason Kendrick on salvation.  Matt trusted Christ as his Savior after the first service of the revival. 

[Dr. Kent Hovind's Seminar #1🔬:]

     When Matt turned 19 years old, he received basketball scholarships from over 40 different colleges and universities across the USA.  He attended college at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2015.  During his time there, some of his friends and colleagues fell away from faith in God.  This bothered him deeply... As a result, he quit the basketball team, and began preaching the Gospel of Christ.  He has always loved basketball and was looking to become a professional basketball player before becoming a public speaker:

     Matt Powell OFFICIAL began on January 17, 2018.  He has had a burden for the lost college students and the youth across America.  Matt was lambasted across the internet when he joined the Creation vs. Evolution debate.  One of the first people who attacked him was "The Raging Atheist" - an atheist youtuber who's career was destroyed by Powell on November 20, 2018 when the Movie "SCIENCE falsely so called" was released. 

Matt has gone on to debate many well known youtubers and PhD's, and takes down their arguments by simply using the Bible.  Ultimately, his goal is to get people to Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  He doesn't like to do debates, but he says that he's willing to if it means that he can get people to abandon irrational beliefs.
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