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Brett Keane Addiction Struggle 

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Brett Keane - Author, Former Musician, Social Media Giant and Personality, Graphic Web Designer, Artist, Recording Engineer, Creative Producer. Greatest creation and accomplishment is marriage with wife Dawn and two beautiful children. Thanks, and credit given to God because without him nothing is possible. 

History of Brett Keane

Brett Keane was one of the first pioneers to enter social media and leaders of the Atheism movement. Brett Keane was also one of the first Atheists to join YouTube in it's infancy before Google bought it where he debated Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, and all Faith in God. Brett Keane argued that religion was not compatible with science. He would debate the church in public and over the phone.

However, the more he studied science the more he realized that believing in Jesus Christ was the more rational logical position thus joined the very religion he attacked the most...Christianity. 

Because Brett Keane switched sides to the light the Atheist community tried and failed to ruin his reputation. Even to this day they accuse Brett Keane of all that is evil. Brett Keane decided to document and archive their behaviors with video and audio. Brett Keane and many others decided that in order to protect society the people needed to be educated on the dangers of Satanism Atheism. Brett Keane is known as an Atheist Historian.

Brett Keane now holds to many spiritual philosophies. His philosophy is as follows. Theothanatology ,Annihilationism, Pantheism, Parts of Dystheism, Forms of Maltheism, Christianity, Parts of Islam, Judaism. The bible is a book of truth from God, yet also the flawed interpretation of finite men & women trying to make sense of a higher being prime mover made of pure energy properties and it’s supernatural attributes capable of transforming matter. An intelligent designer that is greater than all holy books. He defines God as a multi-dimensional alien by definition entity with consciousness, and the universe is it’s physical and mental extension.

When Brett Keane is not in the trenches of social media waging war with Godless Soulless Heathen Primates who are convinced through evolution they evolved from non-sentient rocks. He can be found at home loving and taking care of his beautiful family.

Brett Keane has written several books. Designs websites for clients. Runs a live radio station with an internet tech group. Brett is also a former musician with a couple albums. Has a specialty in recording engineering as well as graphic design. His creativity can be seen throughout his numerous works.

Most would say Brett Keane is a leader and representative of Christianity and bible truth. A warrior for Jesus Christ Son of God. But to those who know Brett Keane he is known as a humble husband and father to his wife Dawn Keane and children.