Brett Keane Fallout 4 Game Voices for NPC's

#BrettKeane did several #Fallout4 Game Voices for NPC's. 💀 Death Rift

I've also did skyrim and other games.
More mods to come for Fallout voices.
The year is 2077. After World War 2, humanity focused most of its effort on harnessing atomic power, creating advanced technologies that were nothing short of unimaginable. However, this innovation sparked a century-long spike in global consumerism that caused mass resource shortages. The United States and China are on the verge of a nuclear war.

While you're preparing for a speech at a local Veteran's Hall in Boston, a Vault-Tec salesman informs your family that they've been pre-selected into a local Vault thanks to your (or your husband's) military service. Moments after, a local news station announces that nuclear weapons are heading for American soil. Your family makes it into the local Vault 111 before the bombs fall. Vault-Tec places you and your family into cryo chambers without any consent, freezing the local inhabitants for an undetermined period of time.

At some point during your cryosleep, you and your significant other are thawed out. A mysterious bald man and two scientists appear and kidnap your child, Shaun. They murder your significant other in cold blood and refreeze you for an undetermined amount of time.