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WARNING - Strong Images Below!

TheAmazingAtheist Tj Kirk has taught me a great deal of things about Atheism and what to expect. Because of him I had to accept Atheists lack a moral foundation and gravitate towards evil. Atheists tend to be uneducated narcissist's. 

TJ Kirk himself admits never accomplishing his goals nor making it through high school. Boasting about his own intelligents while being a perpetual failure at everything he does. His entire family ran scams and ended up in prison. Atheists identify with him because they can relate to historical failure and bad ideas. 

How do I explain his popularity long ago in social media? I suspect the same reason Jeffrey Dahmer the serial killer and cannibal had a fan base. People are sick.

Atheists project their hatred onto Christians, those whom have successfully dominated the world since God conceived them.

TheAmazingAtheist mocked a young disabled girl named Amanda Todd. His friends drilled her on social media. She eventually killed herself. He would make videos mocking her death. Very few Atheists cared about her passing.

Similar to popular but now deceased HappyCabbie, the Atheist who was exposed as a #P@do. TJ Kirk enjoyed doing live shows in front of children where he got nude exposing himself to youth. You get to watch this filth on his paid patreon site.

Yes, I used to be friends with HappyCabbie. Once I found out he was sick like TJ Kirk I disowned him from humanity and my existence and proximity. Later I would bathe in holy water to get the filth off me.

I have never falsely reported or falsely accused anyone of things they did not do as demonstrated in the evidence below. TheAmazingAtheist in forums & video confessed his various crimes. Since he is popular among the depraved scum of society he is now attempting to rewrite history. He forgets I archived everything. 

๐Ÿ‘ฟThe only conflict is Atheists by a vast majority know he's done all the things below. But because they serve their father the Devil...they simply don't care and promote endorsing all that you see and hear.

TheAmazingAtheist claims in this video he was abused. Then on another occasion admits he was never abused. Rational Atheists agree this known scammer & liar will say and do anything for attention, money, and views.

Tj Kirk TheAmazingAtheist admits on video he is a Pederast (Attracted to children and also gay). He was caught in a live room admitting he did have a physical relationship with a minor. I have video to prove it. Thousands of Atheists have seen it and can vouch for it.

TheAmazingAtheist admits he had intercourse with a minor. He admits this was him on his Tumbler. His best friend on video says it's him. Thousands of Atheists seen him say and do this but did not care because they have no moral foundation. They simply don't care. Many of his fans admit criminal depravity to me. Birds of a feather. 
๐Ÿ‘‰Entire Video | Click Here๐Ÿ‘ˆ

TJ Kirk admits to working with his father & family scamming & robbing christian children. Nowadays Tj Kirk has successfully scammed thousands of Atheists teenagers for claimed products that never became reality. Atheists are morons and Christians are to trusting. This Micro Chode could care less.

TJ Kirk threatens a r@pe victim and mocks her violation. Click picture to enlarge.

Did you know Atheists use to call his wife Holly a Manatee because of how obese she was? Watch this old video that supports my claims. You can watch it here if you like below.๐Ÿ‘‡

Pauls Smeagle - TJ Kirks best friend
A filthy unshaved unemployed wilder beast with whale like features. His wife threw him out and divorced him when she realized he was never going to be anyone special. An admitted bully. Found a young girl who resided in a mental institution. But even she realized just as his x-wife pontificated, the man had no future. She looked like a garbage pail kid but apparently even she had standards although admittedly extremely low.

Paul admits he has recurringing suicidal thoughts. I also have depression so I know the feeling. But at least I'm not Paul. 

Prediction - One day TJ Kirk will kick him out of the home. Paul is not loyal to anyone but money. The podcast offered losers to make easy money and all he had to do was talk or wait his turn when others were speaking. He can't even handle the easiest job in the world. I predict he ends himself or becomes TJ Kirks biggest enemy. It's a long line. Good luck.