Brett Keane Testimony | Why I Left Atheism For God

Atheists have a higher suicide rate than theists. Please see: Atheism and suicide
Concerning atheism and depression, a University of Michigan study involving 19,775 individuals found that religious people are less likely than atheists to suffer depression when they are lonely. See also: Atheism and suicide

The Telegraph reported: "Patients with a strong “intrinsic faith” (a deep personal belief, not just a social inclination to go to a place of worship) recover 70 per cent faster from depression than those who are not deeply religious."

In addition, in many atheistic cultures in the developed world, there are considerable problems with loneliness (see: Atheism and loneliness). Furthermore, many atheists feel isolated within theistic cultures (see: Atheism and social outcasts).

The journal article A global perspective in the epidemiology of suicide, published in the academic journal Suicidologi, found that "At 25.6, the total suicide rate is markedly highest in Atheist countries (e.g. China) which included in this analysis countries where religious observances had been prohibited for a long period of time (e.g. Albania)."[7]

Atheism and psychopathy

The perverse and cruel atheist Marquis de Sade in prison, 18th century line engraving. See: Atheism and sadism

Psychopathy is strongly correlated with crime, violence, and antisocial behavior. See also: Irreligion, psychopathy, crime, violence and antisocial behavior

A psychopath is someone with an antisocial personality disorder characterized by violent, perverted or immoral behavior often leading to criminality. Psychopaths have little or no concern for other people. Some psychopaths equate love with sexual arousal.[10]A few studies have found that there is a positive correlation of atheism and psychopathy (see: Atheism and psychopathy.

See also: Atheists and genetic mutations

Left-handedness is a good indicator of a high mutational load. People who are left-handed higher incidences of autism and schizophrenia. A study found that atheists are more likely to be left-handed (see: Atheists and genetic mutations).

For additional information, please see:

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