Matt Powell ATTACKED by Satanists || Powell OWNS "the quiet atheist" || Jim Jones: Satanist\Atheist

Matt Powell ATTACKED by Satanists || Powell OWNS "the quiet atheist" || Jim Jones: Satanist\Atheist Matt Powell Youtube

Atheism has highest suicide & substance abuse (Drugs) rate. We listen to Atheist serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. Matt Powell shows us that Jim Jones is an Atheist. Reverend Jones himself was an Agnostic Atheist, to be precise. I've heard a lot about the fictional deaths of Egyptian babies during the Exodus and how a god that doesn't exist is extremely evil. In 1978 at Jonestown, Jim Jones brutally poisoned and murdered 303 real children and their parents, for a grand total of 909 people.

Also the people of Jonestown were also Atheist. Here is the quote from Jones:

"Off the record, I don’t believe in any loving God. Our people, I would say, are ninety percent atheist." ~ Rev. Jones

Jones subscribed to popular love philosophies:

"Well, thank you for the feedback, ‘cause, I must say, I felt somewhat hypocritical for the last years as I became uh, an atheist, uh, I have become uh, you— you feel uh, tainted, uh, by being in the church situation. But of course, everyone knows where I’m at. My bishop knows that I’m an atheist. He— He knows that I— I— I recognize only love, when I say— I’ll say, "God is Love"— well, you heard my preaching. You know where I’m at." ~ Rev. Jones

Atheists deliberately following lies:

"there are a lot of closet atheists in the church." ~ Rev. Jones

"The head of our entire church, who’s very friendly to our program, said that he must have spent twenty thousand dollars traveling around, hoping to get my denomination to remove me, because I was so uh, atheistic and so involved in such unholy uh, c— uh, efforts as Angela Davis." ~ Rev. Jones

Reddit Atheists talk a lot about the destruction and backwards behavior of religions in history, often hypothetically citing no specific atrocities, only that religions are responsible for them all. Many people like to point out the murders of strictly Atheist regimes (under which religion is outlawed) which number in the tens of millions, but Atheists will typically brush those off. Here we see something different. Here we see an Atheist run religion with Atheist members attacking government officials and distributing poison to children. One of the most brutal religious acts of violence in our time, perpetrated Atheists only flying a religious flag.

It is possible that many acts of extreme religious violence within religion were similar, from the Salem Witch Trials to the Inquisition, acts which were similarly extremely violent and were isolated events that the perpetrators could not justify by their faith, but did anyway. How many murderers and opportunists in religious violence were a Jim Jones, or his "90% closet Atheists"?

Matt Powell ATTACKED by Satanists || Powell OWNS "the quiet atheist" || Jim Jones: Satanist\Atheist Matt Powell Youtube

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     Matt Powell grew up in a Christian home in Durand, MI.  As a child, he struggled with his faith in God due to being continually challenged by the teenagers on the bus route to church.  Some of them didn't believe in God, but they would come to church just for the treats and the friends they made.  Matt ended up becoming agnostic at a very young age as a result.  His parents had issues with him as well.  When he was 11 years old, his parents introduced him to the Creation Science Seminar Series by Dr. Kent Hovind.  Dr. Hovind's work brought Matt to an understanding of the truth of God's Word.  One week after listening to the Creation Series, he went to a tent revival at Antrim Baptist Church in Fowlerville, MI, and heard a powerful sermon by Jason Kendrick on salvation.  Matt trusted Christ as his Savior after the first service of the revival. 

[Dr. Kent Hovind's Seminar #1🔬:]

     When Matt turned 19 years old, he received basketball scholarships from over 40 different colleges and universities across the USA.  He attended college at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2015.  During his time there, some of his friends and colleagues fell away from faith in God.  This bothered him deeply... As a result, he quit the basketball team, and began preaching the Gospel of Christ.  He has always loved basketball and was looking to become a professional basketball player before becoming a public speaker:

     Matt Powell OFFICIAL began on January 17, 2018.  He has had a burden for the lost college students and the youth across America.  Matt was lambasted across the internet when he joined the Creation vs. Evolution debate.  One of the first people who attacked him was "The Raging Atheist" - an atheist youtuber who's career was destroyed by Powell on November 20, 2018 when the Movie "SCIENCE falsely so called" was released. 

Matt has gone on to debate many well known youtubers and PhD's, and takes down their arguments by simply using the Bible.  Ultimately, his goal is to get people to Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.  He doesn't like to do debates, but he says that he's willing to if it means that he can get people to abandon irrational beliefs.
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