Evolution | Atheist Godless Engineer Destroyed by Kent Hovind John Maddox | Brett Keane Review

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Today has been awesome. Kent here (Warning, Foul Language) Dr. Hovind destroys "the Godless Engineer" in a debate about Noah's Flood
Atheist gets trounced in debates with John Maddox & Dr. Kent Hovind
 Godless Engineer, as have many Atheists love talking about how rational and logical they are. Boasting about how smart they perceive themselves to be. Since GE became an Atheist his life has gone down hill. His wife walked out on him. The good news is she seems happier. His x-wife loves making videos about masturbation publically. Wonderful role models here folks. I would not be surprised if her desire to discuss sex nonstop lead to her cheating on him while he made Godless videos.