Kent Hovind VS Atheist Adam Lore | Universe, Evolution, Science, Morality | By Brett Keane

Kent Hovind VS Atheist Adam Lore | Universe, Evolution, Science, Morality | By Brett Keane

1. According to Atheist scientists that I have documented in video and audio on my channel & website...they claim the universe came from Literal nothing. Lawrence Krauss, Dawkins, and others say in video no space, no time, no particles and repeatedly stresses from absolute nothing (Which by the way uneducated Atheists like Aron Ra SciDanMan and Satanists pals have desperately tried to redefine or simply blundered). Example video here..

They then go onto claiming that a tiny pin point of energy alone created time, space, and matter with no observable evidence. That somehow the entire universe came from a pinpoint no bigger than a needle. Do either of you believe this yes or no and please describe your opinion on the origin of the universe. Also if the big bang were true wouldn't the claim be defined as supernatural because nature and laws of nature did not create themselves. Supernatural defined as outside of nature and scientific understanding?

How old is the universe and why did God create so much space and all the other planets within it?

Being that God is all powerful he demonstrates in the bible his ability to Freeze time and Space. The passage in Joshua 10:12-15 appears to claim that the “sun stopped in Gibeon, and the moon in the valley of Aijalon.” Ancient Jewish and Christian scholars interpreted it literally; they also argued that the purpose of the miracle was to allow the Israelites more daytime to defeat their enemies. Does this not suggest God can literally pause the universe and if so how can we truly determine actual time and age that has passed during this intervention or event?

Can Atheists and Christians who believe in evolution explain why we have never observed life anywhere else in the universe?

Can Atheists and Christians explain where all the water on earth came from?

Atheist Stephen Hawking claimed before he died that our existence is a mathematical impossibility...wouldn't that by definition be defined as a miracle.

Run the clock backwards to 13.8 billion years ago, and everything in the Cosmos started out as a single point in space. In an instant, everything expanded outward from that location, forming the energy, atoms and eventually the stars and galaxies we see today. How can they possibly know the location and time it took to do all this being that scientists claim we;ve had massive explosions even in modern day out in space?

2. Energy cannot be created or destroyed...Big bang contradicts this and how does this make sense without God or eternal timeless prime mover

3. Should the big bang without any observable evidence be taught in school and cost people taxes to teach.

Did God stop creating or would you say creation is still going on even today?

4.Abiogenesis, the idea that life arose from nonlife more than 3.5 billion years ago on Earth. Abiogenesis proposes that the first life-forms generated were very simple and through a gradual process became increasingly complex yet this process has never been observed. If life was somehow created in a lab it would require minds of someone intelligent to do this if possible do you agree? Can anyone explain where the extra information came from to create complexity?

The process of random genetic mutation is extremely complex, with multiple pathways, involving more than one system. Current research suggests most spontaneous mutations occur as errors in the repair process for damaged DNA. Can anyone explain why human and animal bodies are capable of repair, healing, or supposedly creating anatomical structures from mistakes or errors?

5. True or False...every life that exists within the confines of our universe had a parent or parents that were living? Have we ever observed life come from inanimate objects?

6. We have all observed deformities in humans and animals. If we found the remains of a deformed person or animal how would we go about separating it from an alleged transitional fossil?

If Lucy was the real deal then why did scientists admit after being grilled that they added fake parts to her such as human feet on display?

The chances of you being conceived to become who you are (that is, that one particular egg meeting that single sperm; nice imagery for you there) is 1 in 4 quadrillion. The odds of your lineage remaining unbroken long enough to create you: 1 in 10[45,000]

7. The bible gives an excellent account for why a male and female exist. That God created a blue print and image to populate creation. Can evolution explain why female and males exist and which came or the sex drive?

8. If nature has no intelligents or sentients itself nor can it feel pain then how did it manage to create sentients and pain receptors to feel and for what purpose?

9. Scientists claim we have a mechanism in our brain that helps us control ourselves. Without it we end up with violent killers like Jeffrey Dahmer who was a ruthless serial killer. Why did Evolution blindly create this mechanism? Why didn't life in it's infancy just wipe each other out?

10. Scientists claim humans, plants, and animals have a chemical called DMT that releases when we dream and when we're about to die which causes a euphoric like effect. A blissful high that makes our transition to death easier. This makes sense if a loving God designed us to end with the least amount of pain...but how can evolution explain these unusual chemicals?

11. Atheists claim that the processes of the universe created us without God. Why do Atheists deflect when talking about the universe and it's unguided assistance with abiogenesis forward to evolution?

12. Would a scientist lie for money, fame, or recognition? Can politics corrupt science?

13. Can the universe in it's entirety produce one single coherent thought without a conscious mind?

14. If your feelings about God are subjective based on feelings and opinion then why should I accept your position as valid?

15. Can you present scientific facts that would propose a God is not possible. Can you show how God is not compatible with your subjective limited reality.

16. IS EVOLUTION a process of order or chaos? Does it conflict with genetic entropy which is observable loss of information & substance?

17. Why do you believe in evolution. Have you been in a lab? Have you ever experimented are you just taking it on authority and faith?

18. Is a mind required for language logic rationality & Is the universe rational and logical. If it wasn't how could we conduct science without consistently?

19. Can something unseen still be experienced?

20 Has either of you had what you would describe as supernatural or transcendent experience?

21. Moral question - Would it be objectively wrong to legalize the suicide of pregnant women?

22. Moral Question - If someone could get away with ending the life of another for an advantage of wealth and benefit can you explain how this would be objectively wrong?

23. If everything in the universe came from one single source including our minds then wouldn't it be rational to say that the source itself has a mind?

24. If hypothetically you were designed by an unseen force how would you go about proving your own design?

25. Is logic material or immaterial & require a mind?

26. Most Atheists claim abortion is the mothers choice, her body, her inconvenience and she should not be condemned. If it's ok for a parent to destroy it's offspring then why is it wrong for God to end the physical lives of his creation?

27. Describe nothing and how something can come from it.

28. Can you explain how any animal remains sexually compatible through billions of years of evolutionary process?

29. If it takes an intelligent being to produce an encyclopedia, then would it not also take an intelligent being to produce the equivalent of 1000 sets of an encyclopedia full of information in the first one-celled animal? (Even atheists such as Richard Dawkins acknowledges that “amoebas have as much information in their DNA as 1000 Encyclopaedia Britannicas.” Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker (New York: WW. Norton and Co., 1996), 116.)